The “My Favorite Mistake” Podcast

A business podcast series

Host Mark Graban (author of books including Measures of Success and Practicing Lean) interviews business leaders who share reflections about their “favorite mistake.”

Was the lone 1-star review a mistake?

Our greatest learnings come from our mistakes and failures. Some mistakes end up opening new doors, while some are just learning opportunities that provide a foundation for future growth and success. This podcast is not a cliché job interview question… it's a real conversation. After listening, we hope listeners will pause and think about mistakes they have made that have shaped and influenced who they are.

We discuss this and how to create an organizational culture where it's safe to talk about mistakes, in the spirit of continuous improvement, instead of blaming and shaming or beating ourselves up. This podcast will also appeal to those who work with the “Lean” methodology, as you'll recognize the value of learning from mistakes and encouraging this in a workplace.

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Note: I am strongly committed to having guests that accurately reflect and represent the diversity of the United States (and that's in addition to international guests that I might have).