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Mark Graban is a high-content professional speaker who will educate your audience, inspiring your organization to achieve better quality and safety, lower cost, and higher employee engagement, delivering informative, practical, and motivational talks about improvement and innovation.

Feedback from a talk given in July 2017

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Endorsements & Kind Words:

“The material you presented was exceptional. It is so relevant to what we are doing today, and how much of a struggle it is at times to get others on board, to understand what the data is saying, and not to overreact when things are swinging one way or the other.

I truly appreciate everything you did, you’re an amazing presenter, and you do so in a very clear manner that is easy to digest. I got a lot of messages after your presentation about how fantastic you were, how the material gave people great ideas to springboard off of, and how they hoped we could have you back again.

Thank you so much for agreeing to participate in our summit today as our keynote speaker. I really enjoyed it, and I am positive the rest of my team did, too.”
– Event organizer for an online / virtual corporate internal conference, 2020

“Mark was a very charismatic and professional speaker. He engaged with the attendees outside of his session. He related his personal stories to our attendees' industry really well.”
– Event organizer, retail industry, 2019

I have heard nothing but praise for your speech, truly a highlight of the day. I was personally grateful for the education on Lean—I haven’t heard anyone put together the fundamental principles so succinctly and persuasively. I also thought your emphasis on continuous improvement was important. Thank you so much for keynoting our meeting. You were wonderful, and I think you made a difference for all of us.”
– Event host, healthcare conference, 2015

Mark was a truly superb speaker – we were very lucky to have him give our afternoon keynote.”
– Healthcare event, 2015

“Mark is an excellent speaker and was very enlightening and informative on not only the upside of Lean in Healthcare, but also in pointing out the difficulties and hurdles that are characteristic of Healthcare.”
– Lester Sutherland (see other attendee comments)

“I very much enjoyed the entire presentation.  You touched on things that anyone in their learning curve could use.  I wish I had seen this presentation in the first year or two after we started our journey because we made some big mistakes, bad 5S being one of them!”
– Attendee at the Alberta Health Services “Food Matters” Conference

The Lean Startup Conference, a three day gathering of entrepreneurs, is held at the Nob Hill Masonic Center and the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco on December 8-11, 2013. (© 2013 Photo by Jakub Mosur)

“Great presenter. Appreciate good easy pace and good examples… samples that we can use everyday, things that I can bring back to work… thoughtful basic practices that make sense! Absolutely a fantastic presentation with a practical approach… I learned the healthcare profession is ripe for Lean initiatives.”
– Comments from the 2012 ASQ Lean and Six Sigma Conference

“The leadership team very much enjoyed the content and delivery of your presentation, which was evident by the feedback survey scores and the requests for the presentation material.  Both the keynote presentation and discussions that you had throughout the day with various members of the leadership team were very helpful for injecting additional enthusiasm into our lean deployment  and providing invaluable insight into lean in healthcare that will surely prove to be beneficial to our lean learning and journey.”
– Comment from speaking at a health system's management offsite meeting

“Your remarks helped the conference get off to a great start, and your message about the need for continuous improvement in healthcare clearly resonated with our audience. Here is what some of the attendees had to say about your presentation:  “LOVED it! Great speaker, very interesting.“ … The information was very applicable and I got some good takeaways.” … “We’re currently going through kaizen at my organization. Mr. Graban's comments were extremely helpful.”
– From a 2012 speaking engagement

“The feedback from the session was all excellent and several people commented that they wished it had been longer.”
– From a 2014 session taught for a clinical effectiveness and patient safety program

“Great presentation. Excellent session! Most useful presentation I went to this weekend!”
– From the 2014 Society for Health Systems conference

“I've heard Mark Graban speak twice – and it was great. I actually look forward to seeing him in Orlando next February. He's a great speaker, very personable and very likable!! (So your audience will genuinely like him, which in health care is tough because its political and siloed.)”
Richard Rodgers

“Everything went very well with Mark Graban. Whether you were implementing kaizen practices currently or were thinking about it, his message offered everyone nuggets of information to help improve processes to save time and money.”
– From a 2015 speaking engagement for a home health association group

Mark has spoken in the U.S and Puerto Rico, Canada, England, Japan, China, Finland, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Sweden – and would love to visit more countries. For references, please contact Mark.

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