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Most Recent Appearances:

The Friendly Podcast Guide: My Favorite Mistake, A Better Way to Look at Mistakes

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Clicks and Bricks with Ken Cox: The difference between Efficiency and Effectiveness with Mark Graban

The Binge Factor: Curating Podcasting Viewpoints To Make Your Show More Effective

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Streamlining HR for Optimal Performance: A Lean Improvement Journey

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Beyond Clean Podcast: Safety in Numbers, Leveraging Data and Collaboration in Sterile Processing

The Counsel Cast Podcast with Karin Conroy

The Success Patterns Show with Brigitta Hoeferle

Episode page with transcript and more

GEMS with Genesis Amaris Kemp

Yoke and Abundance Wise Women Podcast

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Manufacturers Alliance Podcast Episode Ep. #59

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A Quality Podcast — My Biggest Mistake with Mark Graban

Better Work: Making Sense of KPIs and Metrics with Mark Graban

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CFO Bookshelf – Measures of Success with Mark Graban

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Power Your Profits Podcast — Understanding The Measure Of Success: React Less, Lead Better, Improve More With Mark Graban (2/22)

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Get More Done — Continuous Improvement: How to Have a More Productive Workforce with Mark Graban (1/22)

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Intelligence For Your Life The Podcast (12/21)

The Lean Effect with Mark De Jong (12/21)

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Author to Authority with Kim Thompson-Pinder (11/21)

Managing Remote Teams Podcast, Poland (11/21)

Why Process Behavior Charts help manage with metrics with Mark Graban

Ken Broo (Bill Cunningham Show) WLW Radio, Cincinnati (10/21)

An interview about “quitter's remorse” and mistakes (My Favorite Mistake)

The Laura Coates Show – SiriusXM (10/21)

An interview about “quitter's remorse” and mistakes (My Favorite Mistake) – Read Transcript

The Marc Cox Morning Show 97.1 FM Talk, St. Louis (10/21)

WILS Radio, Lansing, Michigan (10/21)

On starting a business and learning from mistakes

Alabama's Morning News with JT, Birmingham (10/21)

On starting a business and learning from mistakes

Station podcast link

KXL Radio, Portland, OR (10/21)

Longer 15-minute interview with Brett Reckamp on starting a business and learning from mistakes

WGN Radio – “‘My Favorite Mistake’ host Mark Graban on how the pandemic prompted new business” (10/21)

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KOGO Radio – Ted and LaDona (10/21)

Learning from mistakes

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KDKA Radio – Rick Dayton (9/21)

Learning from mistakes

The Rick Dayton Show

The Lean Effect Podcast (8/21)

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The Purpose Tune Podcast (8/21)

The Civil Engineering Academy Podcast (6/21)

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ValueVerse Podcast (5/21)

Get Unstuck & On Target (5/21)

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Business Problems Solved (5/21)

The Workplace Therapist (4/21)


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Connecting the Dots (3/21)

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The 30 Minute Hour (2/21)

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Leadership Reimagined Podcast (1/21)

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Unlocking Your Creativity Podcast (1/21)

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Dream Chasers Radio (12/20)

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Values and Leadership Podcast (11/20)

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The Edges of Lean (11/20)

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People, Purpose, and Profit Podcast (10/20)

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The Lean Solutions Podcast – Interview (9/20)

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The Digital Workplace – Interview (9/20)

Interviewed along with Dr. Greg Jacobson of KaiNexus

Getting Simply the Best Results – Interview (8/20)

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Process Breakdown Process – Interview (6/20)

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This Morning, America's First News (With Gordon Deal) – Interview (9/19)

Other Appearances

  • KOGO Morning News (August 2019) – Listen Online | Read Transcript

Just-In-Time Cafe Podcast (2019)

Direct MP3 link

Quality Digest Live – Video Interview (9/18)

How To Turn Data And Metrics Into The Right Kind Of Action“ – Video Interview (11/18)

Your Money Now: The Small Business Report (With Gordon Deal) – Interview (12/18)

Leanpub Podcast (8/18)

Talking about working in healthcare and Measures of Success

Leanpub Podcast (9/17)

Talking about being a self-published author (episode page with transcript):


  • KLAS TV (Las Vegas) – Interviewed in a story on emergency department improvements (4/12) – Segment 1 | Segment 2

Broadcast Radio:

Mark has appeared as an expert healthcare guest on Fox News Radio stations, KOMO Seattle, KFWB Los Angeles, and many other radio outlets across the U.S.

  • The Lean Nation Radio Show, Featured Guest – (2/10)
  • CJWF Radio (Windsor, Ontario) – Quoted in Radio Story (9/10)
  • Paul Akers' American Innovator – Interview – iTunes Podcast  (1/22/11)
  • Colorado Today (Denver) – Interviewed for radio public affairs program (5/12) – Link
  • KFWB 980 AM News/Talk Los Angeles, Interviewed and quoted in news story (5/12) – Audio
  • WSIE 88.7 FM NPR Southern Illinois, Interviewed about emergency department improvements – Part 1 MP3 | Part 2 MP3
  • “Minding Your Business” with Robbin Block, interview with Mark Graban (June 20, 2012) – Listen
  • 103.7 FM “The Mountain – Seattle, “Conversations with Lizz Sommars,” interview with Mark Graban (July 8, 2012) – MP3
  • WOKV Jacksonville, “The Conversation,” interview (March 23, 2013) – Listen
  • CBC Radio Edmonton, RadioActive Show, interview (November 21, 2013) – Listen

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