Virtual Coaching

I get many emails from people from all corners of the world. If it's a quick question, I'm happy to give a quick answer. You can contact me here if it's a single question or request.

Some questions are more involved, or it's impossible for me to give a good answer to a complex question when I don't know enough about the background of your situation.

For situations like that, I am able to offer live on-demand virtual coaching for an hourly fee.

mark graban virtual

We can use technologies including:

  • Skype (audio or video call)
  • Google Hangouts (video call or group conference)
  • Facetime (video call)
  • Good old fashioned telephone
  • Email or Dropbox (for sharing files in advance of a call or in between calls)

My rate is $300 USD per hour or you can purchase a block of ten sessions for $2500 USD. I will send an electronic invoice and you can pay by credit card, PayPal, or via a traditional check.

We can also arrange for me to make an onsite visit with you and your organization, at a fee to be negotiated, to be followed up with virtual coaching.

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