Michael Reddington on Learning from a Consulting Sales Mistake: Insights from a Forensic Interviewer

Michael Reddington on Learning from a Consulting Sales Mistake: Insights from a Forensic Interviewer


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My guest for Episode #192 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Michael Reddington, an expert forensic interviewer and the President of InQuasive, Inc., which provides businesses and leaders with the tools they need to improve their leadership by activating the truth in all of their business interactions. 

In his new book, The Disciplined Listening Method:  How a Certified Forensic Interviewer Unlocks Hidden Value in Every Conversation (Per Capita Publishing, March 2022), Michael details his innovative listening approach for anyone looking to improve their communication and relationship-building skills. Using his background in forensics and his understanding of human behavior through interrogation, Michael teaches businesses to use the truth to their advantage. 

In this episode, Michael tells his favorite mistake story about making assumptions about a client's readiness to work with him. Did “arrogance” lead to him not having a plan or a strategy? What did Michael learn and what did he start doing differently as a result?

We also talk about questions and topics, including:

  • Making assumptions — Ellen Patnaude episode 141
  • Started out working in loss prevention — Identifying shoplifters and dishonest employees?
  • How you introduce yourself… and how has that changed?
  • What is a Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI)?
  • TV and movie investigations — realistic or cliched nonsense? – Hollywood and “24”?
  • How do you approach getting people to share information about their mistakes (or crimes?) when it might not be in their interest to be truthful?
  • Leadership coaching, sales & negotiation training…
  • Tell us about the book – who is this for?
  • Consultant asking prospect about problems they need to solve? How to get them to open up?
  • What is the “disciplined listening method” and what makes it “disciplined”?
  • Tell us about InQuasive and the work you do… who hires you and to do what?

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"If I want somebody to admit to making a mistake, I have to remember that the number one fear that will stop most people from admitting wrongdoing, changing their behavior, sharing sensitive information, is embarrassment -- feeling judged."  Michael Reddington
"Questions can be perceived as invitations or attacks. And anytime we say to somebody, 'Why did you do that?', we can rest assured that they're likely going to take that as an accusation and or attack and it's gonna make them feel defensive." Michael Reddington
"I also wanna avoid using the word 'you' for as long as I can. Often we've been taught, operationally conditioned, to use the word 'you' to demonstrate understanding, to build rapport. 'You' is one of the most dangerous words in the English language." Michael Reddington

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