CEO Joel Trammell Had Trouble Hiring a VP of Marketing, Again and Again

CEO Joel Trammell Had Trouble Hiring a VP of Marketing, Again and Again


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My guest for Episode #122 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Joel Trammell. He is CEO and Founder of Khorus Systems, a business management system that empowers CEOs to lead high-performance organizations. 

Joel is the author of books including The CEO Tightrope: How to Master the Balancing Act of a Successful CEO and his latest, available in January, titled The Manager’s Playbook: Make Exceptional People Management Your Competitive Advantage.

In today's episode, Joel shares his “favorite mistake” story about having trouble, multiple times, finding the right VP of Marketing for a startup company. What happened, and what did Joel learn?

We talk about that story and other topics including:

  • Steps to avoid making that mistake?
  • What are some Mistakes CEOs make in evaluating the performance of other executives?
  • As boss, do you have to more expert than your team?
  • “Be an expert generalist”
  • Being CEO at 2 companies at the same time? 
  • As a CEO, what’s your role in creating a culture of learning from mistakes?
  • When do you have to bring in an outsider as CEO? 
  • Keep Austin weird? Is it a Mistake for companies to “hire for fit”??

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A CEO can't be authentic and transparent if you're covering up your mistakes and if you're acting like you know everything — when you know you don't. - Joel Trammell
“Anytime somebody brings a problem to you, the first words out of your mouth need to be ‘thank you.’ Thank you for letting me know that we had a problem. Now let's talk about how we're going to solve it. Who's going to go solve it?” - joel trammell
"You want to be what I call an 'expert generalist' in that role [of CEO]."
"I think the two most powerful phrases that CEOs need to use are 'I don't know' and 'I made a mistake'"
"They get into a management role and they think, 'Wow, I get to make all the decisions now' and they just make decisions. Then they wonder why nobody's following them and nobody's getting any better."

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Automated Transcript (Likely Contains Mistakes)

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