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I am on the management team at KaiNexus, a software company that helps spread continuous improvement in healthcare organizations (and other industries). I also have a small ownership stake in the company.


I also do speaking, training, coaching, consulting and strategic advisory work through my own firm, Constancy, Inc. In addition, I provide services and workshops that are listed on the Healthcare Kaizen website.



I am a certified facilitator for ExperiencePoint, an award winning training company that develops business simulations for leadership development in the areas of change management and innovation, including ExperienceChange. Learn more about my facilitation of these workshops.


I am a faculty member and instructor for the Lean Enterprise Institute, a non-profit organization that is a leading voice in the Lean community.


I am a also faculty member and instructor for Catalysis, formerly known as the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value, a non-profit organization, based in Appleton, Wisconsin. As a “worldwide connecting point” for healthcare organizations on the continuous improvement journey, the organization “is a conduit to spread the healthcare industry’s best practices and experiments for creating patient value and accelerating improvement.”


I am an educational partner of the Lean Gulf Institute, which is based in UAE.