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Chapter 5 of Lean Hospitals

Download (PDF) a special Chapter 5 excerpt on Standardized Work:


Here are some links and references for a deeper dive into the topics from my talk:

Article about University of Kansas Hospital

Blog Posts About the NEJM Article

Doctors Bash “Taylorism” and “Toyota Lean” in the New England Journal of Medicine

Dr. John Toussaint Responds to the NEJM Piece: What Lean Really Is

NEJM Authors Double Down on Their Claim That #Lean & TPS = Taylorism

Dr. John Toussaint Responds to the NEJM Piece: What Lean Really Is

And my blog post about “kicking the patient out of the room”:

Can't Always Believe Somebody Saying “Toyota Would Tell You To…”

Motivational Interviewing

My page with links to books and other resources

Blog Posts on Standardized Work

My Thoughts on Standardized Work and #Lean

Standardized Work: “Unity in the Essential, Liberty in the Non-Essential…”

Standardized, but Not Identical – College Basketballs

Standardized Work Should Not be Robotic – Especially in Healthcare

Blog Posts About Detroit Medical Center Problems

Exposé About Detroit Medical Center, Dirty Surgical Instruments, Dysfunction, and… Lean?

Following Up on the DMC Problems

Geisinger ProvenCare Articles

Masaaki Imai – Kaizen

His book Kaizen

Video of Mr. Imai:

Dr. Berwick's Article

The article: “Continuous Improvement as an Ideal in Health Care.”

My blog posts on it:

Dr. Donald Berwick – Ahead of his Time on Kaizen in 1989

Dr. Don Berwick on Respect and Change at the Front Lines – and Executive Levels?

Other Books Mentioned:

Toyota Production System: Beyond Large-Scale Production

Getting to Standard Work in Health Care: Using TWI to Create a Foundation for Quality Care

The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles from the World's Greatest Manufacturer