Motivational Interviewing Resources

“Motivational Interviewing” (MI) is a methodology that I've taken a strong interest in over the past few years.

“Motivational Interviewing” is defined by Miller and Rollnick as:

“collaborative conversation for strengthening a person's own motivation and commitment to change”

I'm very interested in the methodology, but also:

  1. The connections between Lean, coaching, Kaizen, problem solving, change management and MI
  2. How to use MI as a more effective change leadership and “Lean transformation” strategy

Here are some resources and posts where I've practicing articulating my best attempts to understand this approach and to make connections to workplace change.



The core textbook, which is actually very readable for non clinicians:

Motivational Interviewing: Helping People Change, 3rd Edition (Applications of Motivational Interviewing)

And this book is focused on adaptations for workplaces and organizational change (which is really personal change):

Motivational Interviewing for Leadership: MI-LEAD


Here is a podcast where I interviewed the three co-authors of that last book (and check out their MI for Leaders website).

Podcast #292 – The Co-Authors of “Motivational Interviewing for Leadership”

Podcast #306 – Mark D. Valenti, Motivational Interviewing and Health System Improvement

Other Resources

Here is a good summary document, via the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative.

The resources page from

Here is the resources page from Ron Oslin and his firm

Webinars & Courses

Here is a webinar on MI that was presented by Ron Oslin, a retired Toyota leader, who has been using and teaching these methods in various workplaces. I took a day-long workshop with Ron and he emphasized how Toyota taught these methods to all of their new managers. MI has been part of their culture for nearly 20 years, even though they don't use the term “Motivational Interviewing.”

Note: The webinar recording is not on the new LEI website as of Jan 2022, so here is a link to the PDF of it.

Ron's website is a wealth of information on MI, too.

Below is a webinar that I did that introduces some MI concepts:

You can view the slides and listen to a podcast discussion that previewed the webinar.

There is also a course on Udemy that covers these topics in just over 30 minutes.

A webinar presented by Mark Valenti:

Blog Posts

Here are some blog posts I've written on the theme of MI:

Telling Dentists or Patients What to Do or Evoking Reasons for Change?

You Can't Force Anyone to Change Their Minds or Actions

More on “Motivational Interviewing” as a Method for Workplace Change Leadership

Change: Desire, Ability, Reason, Need, and Commitment (or That DARNCAT)


LinkedIn Group

I've created a LinkedIn group for those who want to discuss these topics.