Mistakes On The Jerry Springer Show, Reality TV, And Podcasts: Reena Friedman Watts

Mistakes On The Jerry Springer Show, Reality TV, And Podcasts: Reena Friedman Watts


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My guest for Episode #65 is Reena Friedman Watts, the host of the podcast “Better Call Daddy.” She's also producing a new podcast called the “SNF Spotlight” (focused on Skilled Nursing Facilities).

She started as an intern, a guest booker, and a producer for The Jerry Springer Show and never looked back. She’s hooked on telling the stories of outsiders. There's a long list of shows she has worked on… including Nanny 911, Judge Alex, and Divorce Court, She helps entrepreneurs get seen! Reena is also a Media Marketing Specialist through her company MegaWatts Productions.

In the episode, Reena shares a few amazing stories about working with guests on “Springer.” Why is her favorite mistake “trying to make people what they're not”? Where did they find these guests? Did she ever feel unsafe with the fighting and the crazy situations? Did guests ever lie or make up stories? Spoiler alert: they did.

We also talk about podcasting mistakes and whether she ever thought it was a mistake to start a podcast with her dad.

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"My favorite mistake, I learned pretty early on, and it was, don't try to make people what they're not."
"I matured as an interviewer and, as I've matured as an associate producer or producer. I tried to be more situationally aware. I did still make other mistakes."
"I feel like by having a platform, like a podcast, it helps in business because it's a great way to thank someone or to network or to build a community."

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