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Thanks for having me speak at your Leadership Development Institute!

Here are some references, links, and videos from my talk:


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The Spirt of Kaizen

My podcast interview with Dr. Robert Maurer

Dr. Don Berwick's NEJM article (and my blog post about it – and this 2nd post)

Mark Graban books:

Lean Hospitals (free 1st chapter)

Healthcare Kaizen (free 1st chapter)

The Executive Guide to Healthcare Kaizen (free 1st chapter)

Practicing Lean (free sample) – All proceeds benefit the Louse H. Batz Patient Safety Foundation


See all of the videos from Franciscan

The Role of Leaders

From The Executive Guide to Healthcare Kaizen

The Role of All Leaders

  1. Believe In the Power of Kaizen
  2. Participate in Kaizen
  3. Just Ask
  4. Use Kaizen to Develop People
  5. Ensure Staff Members Are Recognized and Rewarded
  6. Share and Spread Ideas
  7. Sell the Benefits

Key Actions for First-Level Managers

  1. Coach
  2. Empower staff – do not do the Kaizen for them
  3. Use rounding to coach
  4. Help set expectations
  5. Review and approve Kaizen Reports
  6. Help document benefits
  7. Make Kaizen fun
  8. Reward and recognize
  9. Share and spread ideas
  10. Be a cheerleader

Role of Mid-Level Leaders

  1. Be the Departmental Owner and Develop Co-Owners or Coordinators
  2. Use Departmental Meetings
  3. Encourage Staff to Participate by Asking for Their Ideas
  4. Create a Departmental Recognition System
  5. Put a Tracking System in Place, if One Does Not Exist
  6. Tie to Performance Evaluations

Role of Senior Leaders

  1. Communicate Expectations, Prioritize, and Set Direction
    • Tie improvements to goals & strategy
  2. Ensure Adequate Resources are Available
  3. Sponsor a Recognition and Incentives Program
  4. Share Notable Kaizens
  5. Thank People Personally

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HBR Article on Avoiding the Futility of Suggestion Systems