Erin Joy Averted a Huge Mistake By Making a Pandemic Pivot

Erin Joy Averted a Huge Mistake By Making a Pandemic Pivot


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My guest for Episode #170 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Erin Joy.

As the founder and executive consultant behind Erin Joy Business Coaching & Consulting, Erin uses over 25 years of experience in entrepreneurship, roundtable facilitation, business strategy, and executive coaching to help fellow female business owners launch, propel, and grow their companies.

Erin has hosted over 300 roundtables, 200 group coaching calls, 70 live events, and 1000 online events, and the company continues to serve over 60 clients.

Erin is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Business Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology to enhance her ability to connect with and support women in business on both a professional and emotional level. 

She is also the host of a new radio show and PODCAST: “Erin Joy Talks Business.” She has released an anthology of advice from women business owners titled The Anatomy of Accomplishment: Your Guide to Bigger, Better, Bolder Business Results.

In this episode, Erin shares her “favorite mistake” story about a “huge mistake” that she avoided by making a pivot before it was too late. She was looking to franchise the roundtable side of her business — how did she discover this would have been a “heavy lift” (and an expensive one at that)? How did she pivot and what happened?

We also talk about questions and topics including:

  • What does it mean to be a “business psychologist?”
  • Business is about making predictions… and testing… you have 25-year plan? How specific are the details of that plan? Is there wiggle room?
  • What can we do to be more resilient and better adjust to what life and business throws at us?
  • “Breakdowns lead to breakthroughs”
  • Video you posted in 2021 — “A time to give up control” — when is that necessary for a business leader and how can they do that?
  • You work mainly with women leaders and entrepreneurs — are there mistakes you help them avoid in career transitions? Or setting them up to learn from them?
  • What do we need to be doing to build the next generation of women as leaders?
  • Tell us about the podcast — what topics do you cover? What sort of guests do you have?

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"When we're going through these difficult times and when we make mistakes, knowing that walking through it is where the gift lies, I think gives us more strength to keep walking and to purposefully learn what there is to learn."
"It's breakdowns that lead to breakthroughs— really, that is the way it works."
"People in power, which are often men, often white men, need to wake up to the damage to our society, our entire environment, our capitalism, our economy... everything is impacted by the lack of equality for women in the United States, in the world and the workforce. "
"I had to let go in order to lean into other aspects of my business. And what that took from me is me letting go of an idea that I had fallen in love with — this is what entrepreneurs do."

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