Carrie Sechel on Making Partner and Leaving That “Comfortable Hell”

Carrie Sechel on Making Partner and Leaving That “Comfortable Hell”

Joining me for Episode #19 of the “My Favorite Mistake” podcast is Carrie Sechel, a former Deloitte partner who now works as a coach, speaker, and trainer. As Carrie explains:

“After years of building my career as a partner at Deloitte, I found my family broken by guilt, shame, resentment, and addiction. My husband, Todd, and I committed to creating our own family model that celebrates the best of each of us. Now, we have a relationship and life that I couldn’t even imagine a few years ago.”

She has over 20 years of coaching and consulting experience. Carrie is the author of the bestselling book, BASE Jump: Finding Yourself In An Unfulfilling Professional World and she is a co-author of the WarriHER Playbook.

In our conversation, Carrie shares a mistake from her time at Deloitte, where what might have been characterized as a “human error” and a “process error” was really, to her, a “management error” that she was responsible for. This situation and the “gap” she identified between “what I am and what I'm pressured to be” led to her departure and her increased focus on female breadwinners and the particular issues that can create in lives, families, and careers.

Here is an article by Carrie that she's allowing me to share:

10 SURPRISING Fixable Challenges that FEMALE Breadwinners Face

You can listen to or watch the episode below. A transcript also follows lower on this page.

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"I knew that as the leader of the team, I was ultimately accountable. There might've been an individual who made an error, but I led the team and I created the structure that allowed this, this mistake to occur."

"In large organizations or as entrepreneurs... there's pressure to look infallible. We are taught to play politics. We're taught to blame and that's not at all who I wanted to be."

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