Cleveland Clinic Visit 2017

Thanks for letting me come visit and speak!

Here are some slides, videos, and other resources that take a deeper dive into today's topics that I touched on.

Blog posts I've written about visiting Cleveland Clinic


Link to PDF

Practicing Lean:

The book's website

Via AmazonKindle format  |  Paperback

Via (Kindle, ePub, and PDF) — and Audio Book!

Blog posts and excerpts from chapters

Blog post about “bad office 5S”

Blog post about how that previous blog post helped somebody

Strategy Deployment

(I skipped the few slides I had about alignment of improvement and metrics…)

Blog posts about Strategy Deployment as a series of hypotheses

A webinar I did on this topic:


My books in the Healthcare Kaizen series

Videos of staff and leaders from Franciscan St. Francis Health

Examples of boards and cards

Playlist via YouTube:

Better Metrics

My workshop on this topic

Blog posts on the topic of “Understanding Variation”

The book Understanding Variation by Don Wheeler

Webinar I did on this topic:

Thanks again!