Workshop: Better Metrics and Better Management

An interactive workshop for any industry or any size company

Do you feel like you're chasing your tail reacting to every up and down in your performance data? Do you get frustrated with coming up with explanations for every “below average” data point or any day that doesn't hit the target? Are you or others around you wasting time chasing metrics instead of working to improve the system?

If so, I have a workshop for you! Bring this to your organization.

In 2017, I've been conducting a new full-day workshop (built around topics I have taught for 20 years)…

“Better Metrics: Understanding Variation and Managing Performance Using Deming Methods”

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This is not a lecture-only session. It's a hands-on working session that's customized for your organization. Mark Graban will work with and coach supervisors, managers, directors, VPs, and executives through this unique approach.

Playing the Red Bead Experiment

We'll learn… and have fun! It's an engaging, active workshop that opens attendees' eyes and gets them thinking.”

“I can't look at the typical charts and graphs the same way anymore after that workshop!”

Topics in the agenda include:

  • Deming's Red Bead Experiment (Exercise)
  • Red Bead Debrief and Lessons for Today
  • Why Data Without Context Has No Meaning
  • Avoiding Two Data Point Comparisons
  • Data Tables vs. Charts
  • The Problem with Linear Trend Lines
  • Drawing the Right Conclusions from Charts
  • How to Create Process Behavior Charts
  • How to Properly Interpret Process Behavior Charts
  • Connecting Charts to Improvement Activities
  • Creating Charts & Discussing Them With Your Own Data (Exercise)
  • What to Do Next in Your Organization

Having fun and learning…

Key points include:

  • Learning how to separate signal from noise in management / performance data
  • Stop reacting to noise by asking for explanations to every up and down in the data
  • Working to improve the system to boost performance… which is different than asking “what went wrong yesterday/last week/last month/last quarter?”
  • Traditional management methods like threatening punishment, offering rewards, setting targets, doesn't sustainably improve performance in complex systems

Participants from Belgium and Poland present and get feedback on a chart they created

Material is built upon classic lessons taught by W. Edwards Deming and Donald J. Wheeler, along with Mark's own experiences and lessons learned from manufacturing and healthcare. “Process Behavior Charts” are Wheeler's term for what are otherwise called SPC charts, control charts, or other such terms.


Feedback from the 2017 Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit (click for a larger view):

Participants said:

  • “Great session and presenter. I've already started using what I learned and have been sharing with my team.”
  • “Having us (the learners) create control charts was very effective.”
  • “Made a dry subject (data) engaging. I wasn't ready for the class to be over at the end of the day.”
  • “Made numbers and metrics interesting for the entire 8 hours.”
  • “Presented a very strong session.”

If you'd like to talk about your challenges in this area through a free 30-minute phone call, please schedule time with Mark Graban.

Discounted pricing is available for early adopters of an on-site workshop.

Blog posts I have written about these concepts include:

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Here is a webinar I gave on this topic:

Contact Mark Graban to learn more or to talk about bringing this workshop to your organization or event.

It's also possible to do variations on this:

  • One-hour keynote talk
  • Two-hour workshop (just the Red Bead Experiment exercise and key lessons from it)
  • Four-hour workshop that covers additional topics (without the hands-on chart creation)
  • Expanded two-day session that includes topics in Lean Daily Management and Strategy Deployment.