Preventing the Cycle of Burnout From Repeating: Twyla Verhelst

Preventing the Cycle of Burnout From Repeating: Twyla Verhelst


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My guest for Episode #73 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Twyla Verhelst.

She lives and breathes accounting. As a CPA, tech entrepreneur, and now leader of the Accounting Professionals Program at FreshBooks, she’s working to empower accounting professionals with the tools they need to thrive, as well as helping them discover their most valuable tool — their authentic self.

In this episode, Twyla talks about her “favorite mistake” — a past episode of burnout and what she learned that allows her to prevent things from getting as bad when she detects signs of burnout starting to appear.

Questions and topics include:

  • What caused her burnout?
  • Why was a 7-day silent retreat helpful to her?
  • What does it mean to be your “authentic self”?
  • As an accountant, an introvert, she had created a representation of herself… speaking up, doing things she decided “weren’t her”
  • Being authentic vs. getting out of your comfort zone?? Where is the balance?
  • Being a mentor to women in accounting and entrepreneurship arenas…
  • Is the name “Twyla” more popular after the show “Schitt's Creek” aired?
  • Find Twyla on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn

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Due to a technical problem, the video recording cut out after 23 minutes. The entire audio is available in the podcast feed. I just made an edit to end the video after 17 minutes, as that was a reasonable transition point between topics…


"I can't achieve big things if I'm not healthy and my relationships aren't healthy."
Preventing burnout means "recognizing more of myself and what I need or don't need in order to kind of keep that balance - and to catch myself earlier in the stages of kind of slipping there versus getting all the way there [to burnout]."

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