NUMB Drumline Cam 1994

These are photos I took using a small Kodak camera that I attached to my drum harness (on my chest), as a member of the Northwestern University Marching Band (NUMB).

The camera used “110″ format film. I remember it as a “disposable” camera, but maybe the camera was just very cheap and not really “single use” as became popular later that decade. I removed the outer Kodak wrap and branding, so that the black camera body didn't stick out too much against my black drum harness. The camera wasn't much larger than the film.

This was my senior year. The first photo is me, taken by somebody else, of course.

The other photos were all blind snapshots (or that's my memory), since I couldn't use the viewfinder. I had to advance the camera between photos manually. Thankfully, there were enough moments when I wasn't playing, allowing me to capture these “point of view” moments.

Today, I guess this would be done with a GoPro camera, LOL. Go Cats! P&G.