“ExperienceChange” Workshop

Be More Successful with Major Initiatives — Change Your Culture and Make Change Stick: Learn Through a Fun & Practical, Interactive Team-Based Workshop

Recent participants said:

“Excellent information for change management… Great experience in learning the true nature of cultural transformation…  The experience was great in showing how important timing is when implementing a new idea… This was a methodical approach to affecting complex change…”

“This makes me think about change completely differently… it forces you to take a structured approach to dealing with the challenges of change management.”

Upcoming Dates:

“A year of change experience in just one day!”

Or it can be run as part of a more in-depth two- or three-day workshop. The simulation that Mark can facilitate is based on challenges facing a high-tech manufacturer.

rider controls elephantDoes your organization struggle with large-scale change initiatives? It's often said that 70% of major change programs fail to reach their goals.

Are you starting a Lean transformation or another major program such as EMR implementations, the construction of a new hospital, or the merging and consolidation of hospitals? If so, the ExperienceChange workshop is a great place to start. Do you have an initiative that's lost momentum or never gained it? This workshop can help you understand why – and what to do about it.

The bad news is that failure is all too common, but the good news is that it's possible to mitigate those risks and improve your chances of success by following proven change management methods, strategies, and tactics. Successful change initiatives don't just force a new way on people… we engage people's hearts and minds. Successful organizations listen, engage, communicate, and inspire to get people on board with (and actively participating in) change.

One way to reflect, learn, and move forward is ExperienceChange, an innovative facilitated learning simulation from ExperiencePoint. The workshop uses a case study and interactive simulation that allows you to learn and practice change management in an engaging way. You will learn a specific and actionable change management methodology that you can apply in your own organization.

Schedule a private web meeting to discuss the workshop and do a hands-on trial of the ExperienceChange simulation.

Workshop Format:

  • On-site facilitated session with a live instructor, Mark Graban
  • Formats include a half day, full day (typical session), or two day workshop
  • Participants work in small teams to interact with the case study and simulation
  • Classroom teaching and facilitated discussions help solidify lessons and take the framework back into the workplace

The workshop and simulation both teach and reinforce the ExperienceChange model:


The model integrates a number of approaches to change with the works of Kurt Lewin, John Kotter, and David Nadler as prominent influences. The EC model has two phases, “Align Key Stakeholders” and “Engage the Organization”, and seven stages each with objectives, pitfalls, and critical success factors. Key principles of the EC Model include:

  • Change is a process, not an event
  • Change occurs at an individual and organizational level
  • Stakeholder involvement is necessary, but not sufficient
  • Urgency good, anxiety bad
  • Communication is critical
  • Walk the talk
  • Make change stick

Mark Graban is certified to facilitate this exercise for you at your organization. 

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Download a one-page PDF with more information that you can share within your organization.

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This workshop is targeted toward healthcare systems and large enterprises, with attendees consisting of:

  • Senior executives
  • Organizational development leaders and staff
  • Internal change agents, change leaders, or facilitators
  • Program managers and project managers involved with Lean, Six Sigma, or other major programs, such as EMR / EHR implementations, merger integrations, new healthcare facility construction, and more

Read my blog post about Lean, change management, and facilitating this workshop.

The Agenda:

This is a very active, hands-on, participatory workshop. More than half of the time is spent working in small groups.

  • Introductions & discussion of change management
  • Analyze the case study & stakeholder analysis (work in small simulation teams)
  • Case & theory discussion
  • Plan tactics for the simulation(small teams)
  • Implement tactics in the interactive simulation (small teams)
  • Debrief discussion about the simulation, change management, and your organization

Expectations and Outcomes:

Expect to be challenged, put out of your comfort zone, and to have fun.

After the workshop, you'll be able to confidently answer ‘yes’ to the following:

  • “I understand why change is important.”
  • “I can better guide my team through change.”
  • “I can pick and use the right tool for the right task.”

Learning Outcomes:

  • Leading organizational change
  • Strategy execution
  • Managing resistance
  • Aligning and engaging stakeholders

Individuals will:

  • Understand change management best practice and their role in it
  • Gain experience applying best practice in a no-risk environment
  • Be ready to use this knowledge and skills to support future change at the organization

Teams will:

  • Develop a common language for understanding change
  • Share individual experience and expertise within and between teams
  • Identify areas where group process development may be required
  • Move forward immediately with action plans

Experience Point Overview Video:

ExperiencePoint simulations have been used by more than 100,000 people and customers include:

  • Microsoft
  • ExxonMobil
  • Nike
  • Cisco
  • Lockheed Martin
  • London Business School
  • University of Michigan Ross School of Business

Healthcare customers include:

  • Cedars Sinai Hospital
  • Sick Kids
  • Baycare Health System
  • Florida Medical Association
  • Beth Israel Deaconess
  • Florida Hospital
  • Klick Health
  • Cancer Care Ontario


Participant teams are engaged in analyzing the situation and planning a change management strategy for the organization


A team sorts tactic cards as they prepare to run the simulation


Participants celebrate their team's success in the simuilation

Feedback & Additional Testimonials:

“The simulation is a great hands-on, interactive activity that sets the stage for introducing a change initiative. The takeaway is an excellent tool that can be used to hone the thought processes of leaders as they develop action plans to initiate a specific project.” — Elaine Shantz, PeopleCare, Inc.

“High level program development. High degree of relevance to issues facing organizations. Very practical content.” — Ron Kirsch, University of Florida

Attendee feedback from my most recent facilitated session (10 being “strongly agree”):


Recent attendees have said:

“Excellent information for change management… Great experience in learning the true nature of cultural transformation… Engaging and inspired, great teamwork and collaboration that I know will fuel continuing to develop my team down the road… The experience was great in showing how important timing is when implementing a new idea… This was a methodical approach to affecting complex change…”

“Today is my birthday and I originally had the day off. The training was so interesting and valuable, I don't regret foregoing my day off for this great experience! Thank you!”

“I enjoyed the hands-on approach this workshop offered. This was an opportunity to experience change and how hard it can be. ExperienceChange is a great way to understand change from the top down to front line, organization-wide.”

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