Complacency Threatened Aya Shlachter’s Thriving Design & Architecture Business

Complacency Threatened Aya Shlachter’s Thriving Design & Architecture Business


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My guest for Episode #81 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Aya Shlachter, a mom, wife, entrepreneur, speaker, and CEO of MGS Global Group, a built environment, architectural and graphic design consulting firm serving the creative industry. Her team specializes in architectural support, graphics production support, and design consulting services in the retail, residential and hospitality sectors for leading brands, including Coach, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, and many restaurants.

Aya also runs the Architect My Life program, where she helps female creative entrepreneurs and CEOs like architects and designers scale to seven figures in 12 months or less while enjoying more out of life along the way. She will also be launching a podcast of the same name.

Aya earned a Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University and a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

In this episode, Aya shares her favorite mistake about getting complacent in the early days of a business that was going really well… until it was not. Why was the business on “autopilot” and what problems did that cause? Thankfully, early recognition of the mistake prevented bigger problems.

Other topics and questions:

  • Mistakes in setting up her website?
  • Systems in place to prevent cashflow blindness?
  • Covid challenges — hold out or pivot?
  • Creating a system to look for blind spots / need to pivot?
  • Mistakes retailers make in store design?
  • Mistakes entrepreneurs make?

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Automated Transcript (Likely Contains Mistakes)

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