Brenda Batista on Communicating a Difficult Fact to a Client

Brenda Batista on Communicating a Difficult Fact to a Client

Joining me for Episode #6 of the My Favorite Mistake podcast is Brenda Batista, the president of her firm Inspiring Company Culture. She's an engineer and an attorney — she's a management consultant and an entrepreneur. And, today, she's sharing her “favorite mistake” from her time as a consultant.

Brenda shares a story about giving a factual piece of information to a client… and why the way she delivered the message was a mistake that created many learning opportunities on many levels. We'll also talk about how she helps leaders create inspiring company cultures and high performing teams.

Brenda is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Project Management Professional, and 5 Voices System certified trainer. Over the past 25 years, she has been at the helm of many high performing teams dedicated to performance improvement. Brenda has managed complex multi-million dollar client accounts, created computer simulations to predict business performance, and established a scalable consulting methodology for start-ups and established businesses.

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"If we don't make mistakes, we're not learning anything."

"My mistake was being honest and just giving him the information, being very factual, being an engineer, right?

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