Rico Racosky on “Just 2 Choices” — Art or Aviation, Fighter Jets or Transport Planes?

Rico Racosky on “Just 2 Choices” — Art or Aviation, Fighter Jets or Transport Planes?

My guest for Episode #15 of “My Favorite Mistake” is Rico Racosky, a retired 737 pilot for Southwest Airlines, who previously flew jets in the United States Air Force — fighter jets ( (F-16 and A-7) and transports (C-141).

From his bio:

“Rico grew up in a small coal mining town full of self-doubt and lacked a clear direction in life. Along the way to living his dream of becoming a fighter jet and airline pilot, he developed a strategy for clear and effective decision-making that launched his entrepreneurial path, and he’s now determined to share his strategy and impact as many people as possible.”

In today's episode, Rico shares his “favorite mistake” regarding a choice that he had to make during his Air Force career. We also talk about his “Just 2 Choices” framework that was developed through his time in the cockpit — he's the author of the book Just 2 Choices… It's Your Life. In the episode, we also talk about his choice to not become an artist (and Mark's similar life choice to not become a musician). We also discuss the importance of good decisions as a pilot and how sometimes we need to prevent mistakes instead of just learning from them after the fact. You can get some free downloads related to his book at www.Just2Choices.com/radio.

You can listen to the episode below. A transcript also follows lower on this page.

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"It was really a painful time [after choosing to fly transports]. And that went on for probably a couple years, until I started to see that something better was coming out of it."

"Pay attention to the being in the moment and making the choice now, and then you won't have to make a drastic choice later."

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