Agile Day Chicago 2017

Thanks for inviting me to speak at the event!


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Recent blog posts previewing my Lean Startup Week talk:

Stop Wasting People's Time (in a #LeanStartup or any Organization) by Separating Signal From Noise

How “Process Behavior Charts” Save Us Time and Help Us Sleep Better at Night

Don't Turn Your Performance Metrics into “Success Theater”



See some of my blog posts on this topic or a recording of a webinar that I did for Gemba Academy on this topic.

See, in particular, this post on managing and improving a stable system.

Here is my blog post about the red / yellow / green charts and SPC.

Blog posts and articles by Mike Stoecklein on “understanding variation.”

My blog post and video about how to create control charts (“process behavior charts”)

Other Webinars:

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Another webinar by Mark Graban


Other Resources:

Western Electric rules

Online Red Bead simulator

Similar simulator, via BBC: “Can chance make you a killer?

Lessons Learned from the Red Bead Experiment (Word .DOC) via

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.17.18 PM

Red Bead Videos:


The famed 1980 NBC documentary that introduced Dr. Deming to the U.S.: