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Links, References, and Videos Related to My Talk

My podcast where I interviewed Paul O'Neill in 2011:

How Toyota is helping healthcare organizations

Taiichi Ohno's book, with “starting from need” as the title of chapter 1

Article by Dr. Richard Shannon on eliminating HAIs

Article about BJC reducing pressure ulcers

AskMeIf.com (funny buttons)

Henry Ford's book (free via Kindle) mentioning hospitals (my blog post on it)

Modern Health article on Learning to be Lean

Read more about Franciscan and Kaizen in our Healthcare Kaizen books

Video about “applesauce” and Kaizen

Article on Lean as an alternative to layoffs

The Toyota Way book and Point 1 on long-term thinking

Article about “flexing

Toyota's safety page and data

Video about Park Nicollet cancer center

My article on GM's speak up for safety program

Fear and futility (my blog post about that research)

Article about Toyota vs. Ford use of Andon cords

Virginia Mason Patient Safety Alert system

Toyota by Toyota book

Management on the Mend book

Collaboration efforts: