Lean Coffee San Antonio – February 2015

Thanks to those who attended Lean Healthcare Coffee on February 3, 2015. We had eight people joining me, from health systems, a non-profit, and an auto parts supplier. It was a great discussion this morning!

Below are some notes and references and I invite you to post a comment to add anything else you want to share with the attendees or others in our extended San Antonio group (I'm sharing this private link with about 75 people who are on the mailing list about the Lean Coffees).

Next Lean Coffee

We agreed to hold the next one in about two months, instead of a quarterly cadence (our last one was four months ago).

There was a request from a previous attendee to do Thursday. The group here today agreed to do 7 am again (although the population deciding this was biased toward those who show up at 7 am!). So, that puts Thursday, April 2 as a tentative date. I'll notify everybody via email when I open registration for it.

Photos from Today (Click for larger view)

Annual Performance Reviews

I did a podcast with Prof. Samuel Culbert about his book Get Rid of the Performance ReviewIt's an entertaining discussion. It's easier to criticize the annual review than it is to figure out what to do instead, I'd say. Read Culbert's editorial from the WSJ, as well.

One unanswered question was about how many organizations have abolished the annual performance review. This professor from USC likes the idea, but can't think of an organization that has. This article says Medtronic has moved to “real-time performance feedback,” which could be just as unfair (blaming individuals for system performance, for example).

Safety Culture

I think my podcast with Paul O'Neill was very powerful on this topic of CEO leadership and safety. You can listen or read a transcript.

On “reasons why,” I've heard great things about Simon Sinek's book Start With WhyHere's a TEDx talk of his:

Technology and Communication

Be on the lookout for this book when it comes out in April – Dr. Bob Wacher: The Digital Doctor

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