Lean Frontiers Summit — August 2016

Thanks for having me speak at the Lean Accounting and Lean Management Summits!

See below for slides, videos, and links.


Videos and Links:

The eBook Practicing Leanwhich benefits the Louise H. Batz Patient Safety Foundation

practicing lean

My main page about Lean and “L.A.M.E.” (with links to other stories on this topic)

John Shook “Lean Transformation Model


My story about “fudging the numbers” at GM

This American Life episode on NUMMI and my story about the plant manager I worked with

The UK story about office 5S gone wrong

Story about nurses complaining about being nitpicked over pens and pencils

The guy saying Lean will speed up your quality problems:


More examples of Lean Sigma being incorrect about Lean

More Lean Memes including the Jeff Foxworthy ones

The Toyota corporate website on TPS

Learn about Franciscan and Kaizen:


My newly-released 3rd edition of Lean Hospitals:

Lean Hospitals 3rd Edition Cover