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Popular Keynotes

  • Healthcare Kaizen — Engaging Front-Line Staff in Sustainable Continuous Improvements
    • Improving the way we improve healthcare… Leading healthcare organizations are discovering the benefits of engaging all staff members and clinicians in quality and process improvement efforts. But, it sounds easier than it really is. Mark Graban shares proven methods for leaders to collaborate with healthcare professionals to improve patient care and create a better workplace environment.
  • “How Lean Thinking Helps Hospitals” (tailored for healthcare or non-healthcare audiences)
    • Mark Graban provides an engaging overview of the “Lean” methodology and its powerful applications in healthcare. Moving beyond mere tools, Graban’s talk illustrates the foundations of Lean as a management system and an organizational culture, using examples and lessons learned from leading hospitals around the world.
  • 7 Key Lean Mindsets for Healthcare
    • Moving beyond Lean tools, what are some of the most important mindsets for Lean leaders to embrace and practice? Using these mindsets will increase your chances for success, speeding up your Lean journey.
  • Why Your Hospital Should be Like a Factory??? Or At Least Some???
    • Health care professionals often say things like “we don’t want assembly line medicine” or “we can’t turn our hospital into a factory.” What fears are behind those statements? Do people in health care picture factories as cold, robotic, frantic, unthinking workplaces? In this keynote, Mark Graban talks about the culture and characteristics of Lean factories, giving examples of how patients and staff members would be better off with the adoption of the a Lean culture and management system – to help hospitals be the highest quality and most caring environments, as well as being more satisfying workplaces.

Lean Healthcare

  • Improving quality, outcomes, and patient satisfaction
  • “Putting the Continuous Back into Continuous Improvement”
  • Engaging Staff to Design the Hospital of Tomorrow (“lean design” and “lean construction”)
  • Practical Daily Lean Management Methods
  • Lean in Hospital Laboratories
  • Using Lean to Improve Patient Flow

Lean Leadership and Employee Engagement

  • Be Lean, Not L.A.M.E.
  • Practical problem solving
  • Today’s Leader: Shifting from Cop to Coach
    • The most engaging and successful leaders realize that their employee respond better to a coach than a cop. Learn how to shift from a culture of compliance to a culture of continuous improvement through the proven methods shared in Mark Graban’s talk. Using real life examples, Mark shows practical methods for changing the way you lead and for boosting your organization’s performance.
  • Engaging Employees in Improvement: Everybody, Every Where, Every Day
    • The suggestion box is dead — but long live improvement! Today’s leading businesses are engaging employees in a different style of improvement called Kaizen. In this talk, you will learn proven improvement methods and the leadership styles and behaviors that support them. In a Kaizen culture, you don’t have to force people to improve – they willingly participate. Employees, customers, and the business all win. Let Mark Graban show you how.

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Can the Japanese car factory methods that transformed a Seattle hospital work on the NHS? | via @Telegraph #lean

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