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Mark occasionally does public registration workshops on Lean healthcare and “kaizen” practices.

Organized by Mark Graban

Healthcare Kaizen

Join speaker, author, and consultant Mark Graban for a small, intimate half-day seminar to learn about methods and practices from his book, Healthcare Kaizen: Engaging Front-Line Staff in Sustainable Continuous Improvements.

You might have heard about other healthcare organizations that are using Lean improvement practices. In particular, many health systems are using “Rapid Improvement Events” (aka “Rapid Process Improvement Workshops”) as a way of driving change. However, a growing number of organizations are also embracing “daily Kaizen” — or a process to facilitate small, meaningful changes as an ongoing continuous improvement methodology. If your organization has not yet started “going Lean,” then daily Kaizen is a great way to get started before making the leap into larger events.

Attendees will learn through lecture, discussions, and a hands-on exercise that brings the Kaizen improvement methodology to life in a fun way. Registration is limited to 20 people to ensure a high level of interaction.

A comment from an attendee after putting these ideas into practice after the workshop:

I love the quote of one of our employees the other day: ‘We are great at identifying problems at [organization]. We just don’t fix them. Now we feel empowered to fix things.’

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Modus Institute

Applying Deming & SPC to Management Decision Making – Mark Graban Jim Benson


Every day, businesses, hospitals, and government organizations spend billions collecting metrics. What are these metrics supposed to prove? Are they useful?  Do they just tell us what we want to hear? Do they just put the spotlight on who is to blame?

Lean Startups have learned how to avoid “vanity metrics” – these are metrics that are easy to gather, often industry standards, and always misleading.  We are actually psychologically predisposed to gather mostly vanity metrics.

Do organizations (in any industry) how how to properly track and respond to meaningful metrics? How do we know when we’re collecting meaning and when we’re merely supporting our own erroneous assumptions?

Dr. W. Edwards Deming taught us to understand a system, which includes distinguishing signal from noise in data and metrics that we use to run our businesses and make decisions. This workshop will teach you practical “statistical process control” methods that can be used to make better decisions, saving time, and annoying your employees less.

In this class Mark Graban and Jim Benson will discuss some of the common, but easily avoidable, errors made when reporting results or performance over time. We will cover how to create metrics “run charts,” how to interpret those charts as “SPC charts” to know when there’s a significant change, and how to avoid overreacting to every up and down in a metric.

Register – January 13, 2015

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ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value

Lean Fundamentals for Healthcare Leaders

This one and a half-day program, taught by Mark Graban, author of Lean Hospitals and Healthcare Kaizen, this workshop is for operational leaders in healthcare organizations who would benefit from a deeper understanding of lean principles, systems, and tools to accelerate their lean journeys as well as their capabilities to coach and mentor their teams.

Participants will experience one day of classroom education including exercises and reflection time, and a half a day as guests at ThedaCare’s weekly Report-Out of “Rapid Improvement Event” activities.

Cost: $1200

Future dates (all held in Appleton, WI)

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